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Why are bidets important?
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Why are bidets important?
Bidet is a contraceptive and hygienic cleaner and it is commonly now installed in households. The sizes may vary from one another, but they are all set up in a way where the water falls like a fountain and the temperature can be controlled from cold to warm water. A bidet is a sanitary fixture that cleans the vulva and anus with the warm water from the middle container. You can install it at bathroom or washroom and fill the bidet with warm water. Bidet was first made to protect and provide cleanliness for women and now, it is a popular use for both men and women, especially in Japan and Korea. Modern civilization culture continues to change rapidly that we cannot even predict how fast and how easily it is progressing. However, products for bathrooms are not developing as fast as we may tend to think. People still continue to use more toilet paper than needed and use a tremendous amount of water every time they shower. To use toilet paper or tissues, we cut down trees and to use a lot of water, we need a strong power plant and develop the resources that are needed. Bidet gives us not only convenience, but it also helps decrease the rate of nature destruction and provide better health. South Korean company, NCM (Blooming Bidet), has produced and developed various types of bidets. The company exports bidets for patients who are disabled to Japan and also have been introduced overseas several times. They emphasize that bidets are convenient, safe and prevents bacteria which helps case for our health.