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CEO Message

After I came across bidet for the first time 20 years ago, I have the experience of producing and selling bidet for 10 years until now. I had a lot of troubles in the national bidet market in the beginning. Yet, I have been working zealously for the development of Korean bidet market and to advance to the foreign market

Development of Blooming Bidet in our own brand

NCM was founded in September 2002 and we have been developing our own brand called ‘Blooming’ which is in excellent quality and economical to boost the growth of Korean bidet market. Bidet is a home appliance used by everyone from the grandparents to the young children, on their own. Therefore, it must be safe and convenient to use. We, the NCM, are constantly working in order to serve the purpose of safe and convenient bidet.

Ncm is currently exporting variety of products to foreign market, especially Japan.

Also, we are constantly working hard to let the people
of potential market, the United States and Europe,
know excellence of Blooming bidet. We, the NCM,
are going to exert all our effort to boost the growth of Korean bidet market
and to become a company that customers can trust.
Please try out products and give us your interest and support.